Seem Logical to me...Totally Understandable. "Voters in rural Jefferson and Union county Oregon voted to ask their lawmakers to meet in order to consider taking their communities into Idaho. Mike McCarter, the leader of the Move Oregon’s Border movement, still has an uphill climb to actually get the counties to leave the state. The legislatures of Oregon and Idaho would have to approve of it as well as Congress. Still, he’s persevering because as he says, We’ve watched the shift take place in Oregon politics where the primary concern of the Legislature is Northwest Oregon. That’s where 78% of the state’s population is based. They tend to forget that every law that you pass in the state affects us out in the rural economies, too. Imagine being a conservative, in a conservative county who lives in Oregon where rioters are allowed to run wild in Portland and it just became legal to possess crack, meth, and bath salts. Of course, people in that kind of predicament can and do move, but when you have whole counties where large numbers of people feel that way, maybe it does make more sense to move everyone at once."