Preventing & Treating Early for COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

While in the vast majority of cases, only non-therapeutic approaches are used to combat COVID-19 in nursing homes, this webinar discusses very concrete, simple, cost effective prophylaxis and therapeutic solutions. This is a pretty comprehensive webinar which should be of the highest interest to medical staff, health care workers, managers and staff in working homes, and to anyone seeking concrete solutions to reduce the number and severity of outbreaks in nursing homes. Here are some of the aspects covered in the webinar. Introductory remarks by JP Kiekens The experience of Dr Armstrong at The Resort in Texas City The experience of Dr Fareed in Brawley, California Two French studies about early treatment in nursing homes Possible Prophylaxis Protocols Possible Early Treatment Protocols Early detection to prevent outbreaks Isolation of residents (suspected or confirmed +) Considerations regarding the staff Importance of Planning Concluding Remarks