Please watch this 12 minute video and share it far and wide If the (unconfirmed) reports from CANADA are correct - at a meeting of the Ruling Party (during the last few weeks) - it was made clear that the following is going to happen: starting in CANADA! The offer of Debt Forgiveness on condition: people surrender their rights to property ownership (ie you will own no property), the IMF (bankers) will own it all! You must also agree to be vaccinated. Anyone refusing will be moved to a camp to live out their days because they pose a risk to society! Attendees were informed that this will be rolled out globally next year! Blighty - according the Health Protection Act 1984 and the Coronavirus Act 2020 - they think they can stick you in camps if you pose a risk! Check it out! Are you ready to own nothing? What does that mean? They can give your home to someone else, your salary is not yours, you are living on their planet - so what happens if you piss them off? Get off my planet? Now is the time to take action. NOW! Not tomorrow - NOW. WARGAME tonight - 8pm - Available via All Channels!