Operation Save The Press (For Truth)! The Canadian government recently granted $270,000 to the website which states that their mandate is to “monitor, research, and counter hate groups”. My name is Dan Dicks and for the past 14 years I’ve dedicated my life to running an independent media outlet called Press For Truth and with the money granted to them by the government, the minions at “antihate” have been on a mass flagging campaign in an effort to silence Press For Truth over false claims that I’m a “white supremacist”.  They have successfully deplatformed me and the PFT presence from these various areas of the Internet affecting my livelihood and ability to spread information: 272k subscribers on YouTube - BANNED 350k Followers on FaceBook - BANNED 25k Followers on Twitter - BANNED MailChimp Account - BANNED GoFundMe Campaigns - BANNED Here is a timeline of events that led to this blatant censorship that is being funded by the Canadian government: TIMELINE: - Wrongfully accused of being a white supremacist racist by gaggle of BLM/Antifa Feminists! - Wrongfully accused AGAIN By Larger Mob, assaulted by mob and arrested by VPD - Smeared By Media and VPD as instigator (3 hour live stream leading up to event proves otherwise) - Gofundme, Mailchimp, Twitter and YouTube Deplatform Me! (FaceBook happened in 2018) The minions at “antihate” openly admit online about how they are deplatforming me…they say that websites I use to fundraise and organize all have “a process for reporting ToS violations and even if it doesn’t, emailing them about it sometimes works” This was posted as a response to Mailchimp terminating my account. If the Canadian government is granting groups like “antihate” (who clearly hate me for no good reason) $270k to “fight hate groups” then the free press doesn’t stand a chance moving forward…Press For Truth doesn’t stand a chance moving forward UNLESS we are equipped with similar ammo in this quickly escalating information war! I know their next phase (that is currently in motion) is to to attempt to further attack me financially by attempting to convince Patreon, Subscribestar and/or Paypal to terminate my accounts. Press For Truth needs your help! Just think what we can achieve together by raising $270,000 for the good guys!! With these funds I’ll be able to hire help as I’m completely a one man show doing 100% of what it takes to run Press For Truth on my own…but with your help PFT can become a major thorn in the side of the powers that ought not to be who are not only attempting to silence me but who are also attempting to control the free flow of information online. Rebel Media has been able to grow into a large team that are now making waves and having a positive effect and they achieved this through crowdfunding…If we can do it for them, we can do it for Press For Truth! Please join “Operation Save The Press (For Truth)!” By making a contribution today! Stay Up To Date With Dan Dicks of Press For Truth HERE ➜ SUBSCRIBE: BITCHUTE ➜ LBRY ➜ FLOTE ➜ DLIVE ➜ HIVE ➜ MINDS ➜ SUPPORT: PATREON ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ DONATE via Paypal ➜ GoGetFunding ➜ Or you can send an e-transfer to If you’re old fashioned like we are and prefer to keep it old school, we also accept cash, cheques, equipment and words of encouragement! You can send us those things here: Dan Dicks P.O. Box 1521 Squamish BC V8B 0B1 FOLLOW: PARLER ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ TWITTER ➜!/DanDicksPFT TWITTER ➜