Two Former Australian Prime Ministers In Arms. Paul Keating Sports Red Shoes, Human Leather Shoe Club - Sold A Pig Farm, Which Is A Regular Reference From Abuse Victims And Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Claiming To Be Taken To Regularly To Be Abused. Some Victims Fed To Pigs, Amongst Human And Animal Abuse And Sacrifice. Kevin Rudd, Former Vice Chairman On A Board Epstein Helped To Finance. There's 28 Suppression Orders Within Australian Parliament At This Current Stage, Amongst Those Who Have Supported This. That's 28 'Known' Pedophiles. And Dan Andrews Wants To Drive Victoria Into A Communist NWO With The Rest Of The WORLD, To Follow Suit. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF ALLOWING THIS. They're all connected at that level, they are freemason demolays amd they dint earn their stripes, they are placed into these positions and reared since birth to carry out the grester globalist agenda toward a NWO and ultimately a one world religion of Luciferianism, wuth A.I as the ruling force, enter Transhumanism.