Whilst they have been dispersed across the world they have picked up on many more pagan practices of mysticism such as "chakras" which then they claim that every pagan practice comes from them as if to barge in on a party then claiming to be the ones holding the party. It is unwise for them to withhold "truth" from the world for it would be selfish and ignorant of others and is hateful rather than loving though they are not being truthful and are confusing themselves to the point of full blown heresy, ignoring such verses as Isaiah 11:10 and complicating their own word as if we were to follow them than the Messiah who came for the world 2000 years ago, they do this to look intelligent by confusing which be the epitomy of stupid. Take a look at Ezekiel 8 and you will see how long they have been doing this. https://www.bitchute.com/video/F5qH8qzQVRXK/ #zionists #kabbalah #zohar #babyloniantalmud #cult