NTD News Today - 10/27/2020 01:05 SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In 03:30 Senate GOP Celebrate Barrett Confirmation 05:06 Biden Speaks to Media in Chester, PA 06:04 Big Tech Back Biden Campaign 07:25 Non-Republican Turnout at Trump Rallies 08:20 Analysis: PA Ballot Laws May Help Cheaters 11:08 Pros and Cons of Immigrants in Hazleton PA 14:42 Zeta Sets Course for US Gulf Coast: NHC 17:15 Los Angeles Voters Cast Early Ballots 18:15 Minnesota Testing Draws Traffic From ND 19:09 'Jews for Trump' Caravan Attacked in NYC 20:50 Times Square Billboard Sparks Legal Battle 22:13 WA State Destroys Invasive Hornet Nest 25:24 China Eyes Grain Imports as Prices Surge 27:25 CCP Virus Spike in China's Western Xinjiang 29:07 7 Earthquakes Within 5 Days in Chinese County 30:55 Beijing Sanctions US Companies Over Weapon Sales 33:40 CDC Sued Over Nationwide Eviction Ban 34:28 Food Bank Offers Support Amid Pandemic 35:59 Analyst Casts Hope for Travel Industry 37:33 Times Square Hosts Restaurant Week 40:49 Macron Tweets: We Will Not Give In 42:44 Ultimatum Ignored, Belarus Begins Strikes 43:41 Poland Protests Change to Abortion Law 44:50 Stowaways Detained Oil Tanker Docks in UK 45:30 Most Formula 1 Wins in History: Hamilton 46:00 Bocelli Performs Outside Sicily Cathedral 46:38 3 Paintings Span 2 Continents in Istanbul 49:14 Boats and Drones Voyage Out to Sea 50:44 NASA Finds Water on Moon's Lunar Surface #Barrett #Biden #ballot ---------------------