Here we go... "Nxivm leader Keith Raniere was slammed with 120 years behind bars Tuesday for running a twisted sex-slave cult where women were branded like cattle and forced to sleep with him. The arrogant 60-year-old sicko — who billed himself as a Ghandi for the wayward, only to be unmasked as a perverted master manipulator — remained defiant till the end, insisting to the judge that his slew of accusers were lying. But Brooklyn federal court Judge Nicholas Garaufis scoffed at the notion — calling the Svengali’s crimes “cruel, perverse and extremely serious’’ as he ensured the con would remain in prison for life. “To him, the brave victims … are liars,” Garaufis said in bringing down the gavel on the sex-trafficker, including ordering him to pay a $1.75 million fine. “Mr. Raniere remains unmoved. … [He] has therefore failed to demonstrate remorse.’’ Raniere, wearing navy prison scrubs over an orange shirt, stood stoically as he was hit with the life sentence — which was handed down after 15 people, mostly female victims, told the judge about the horrific abuse they suffered at the cult leader’s hands."