here is the actually info...gone public!!! HILLARY, OBAMA, BIDEN, BRENNON...TREASON!!!!! Share this info..E-MAIL THE LINK TO FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO-WORKERS, we need to get the number of views up so they know a larger percentage of the voting pop. knows about this so the MSM has to address this and the DOJ/MILITARY TRIBUNAL, will look into this! For 1st protecting BIN LADEN, then 2nd planting BIN LADEN for a set up KILL to boost Obama's reelection, then 3rd paying Iran 152 BILLION dollars as hush money for killing the wrong person, an imposter, then 4th KILLING SEAL TEAM 6 BECAUSE THEY KNEW THE TRUTH!!! That is why BIN LADEN was "buried at sea" ..no body, no proof...but the problem with that it is HIRAM! That means it is forbidden, just like eating pork or shopping from a store that sell alcohol! ****ALL MUSLIMS MUST BE BURIED IN THE GROUND WITH THEIR HEAD FACING MECCA!!!**** Anything else is HIRAM...FORBIDDEN!!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/pWUs6bQlz98/