Btw, idiot, that has 'ALWAYS been the case...and will never cease to be the case. Neither you nor anyone else has any right whatsoever to mandate any different. Get over yourself, we do NOT need your frigging permission!! Letting fools like Fauci keep you living in fear of dying so that you stay away from family is not living. You might as well suicide yourself. Oh and Christmas will be the same cry for isolation!!!!! Bet your ass on that!!!!! This isn't going to end folks!!!!! NEW NORMAL!!!!! If you let it be it will.................... NOW we know why all sports are blm supporters!!!!! "It also suggests watching sports and parades from home rather than in person and having a virtual dinner." Just die already if you listen to this guy.....might as well,why bother living if you live in fear!!!!!! And why fear visiting family??? But you can riot/loot & burn in large numbers!!!! FUCK THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.foxnews.com/health/fauci-thanksgiving-coronavirus-individual-choice-based-on-risk?fbclid=IwAR2tpynyxUX2804LiplajmMXEVM84SmSE2TN3Rtjq-63TDsv_5g_-crXMVc