Nexrad and HAARP are used for Climate Engineering. They are capable of creating High Winds, Tornadoes and even creating and controlling entire Weather Systems, as they have done for Years now. They do this by Emitting an Array of EMF Waves near the Microwave Frequency into the Sky. This Heats the Air and Atmosphere, which causes a change in Barometric Pressure. Differences in Air Pressure creates Wind. Any of the Dozens of HAARP Stations across the World do this on a larger Scale. Many are in Alaska and the North, used to push the Arctic Cold into N. America, Europe and Russia. With Coordinated effort they create Hurricanes and control the Earth's Weather completely now. Nexrad are Stationed near almost every City. They are also capable of and used all the time now to Heat incoming, Water-laden Clouds. Which causes them to melt and creates heavy Rain and Flooding. The Windsor family has a harp on their coat of arms and the Pallavicini family has a harp on their Austrian palace. These families have authority over the HAARP system through their Freemasonic agents that have infiltrated the United States Air Force. In ancient times they would use harps or lyres along with poems or odes for bewitchment. Mind control or mental manipulation is what sorcery is about. HAARP is also used for weather manipulation to a limited degree. The Wind-sors are Wind Sorcerers and they also enhance weather fronts and tornadoes to oppress society.