Colleges and Universitys are Obsolete: What does it take to be a scientist? First step of course is to study mathematics. Most people don't realize that the study of science is really the study of mathematics but it is and that is where you'd want to start. How do you learn mathematics? Learning math is mostly like learning how to play a violin. You can't get past a math class through memorization and you can't do math well unless you practice just about every day. Like any other topic there are books and videos to help you learn it all by yourself. Just like someone might teach themselves how to play a violin. You also might need some equipment for experiments which would mean acquiring some basic equipment and renting an air-conditioned space. The point of course is that you could become the best scientist in the world and never have stepped into an institution of secondary learning. This is true about any subject really. Any idiot can become a lawyer as the legal process has become just that, a process. One step away from standing on an assembly line. If you can pass the bar exam why shouldn't you be able to practice law? Colleges and Universitys hold up entire industries. You can't become an artist without a college degree? Or a scientist? Or a lawyer regardless of the aptitude and/or knowledge acquired by the individual without going into debt for $100,00 or more? This is a system of oppression not progression. We as a species should be well past the need of ivory halls and overpriced apartments. Universitys and colleges are unnecessary in a world where information abounds. They should remain as an option for those who progress better with real life instructors, but there should be more than one path to any destination and over priced summer camps shouldn't be the only path. Because let's be honest here. Most college students spend a significant amount of their time partying and screwing and many of the classes they are required to pay for have nothing to do with the career they want to pursue. We progress as a species from educational diversity. The internet was built by college dropouts. Peoples potential shouldn't be solely in the hands of academia nor should academia's institutions be in the business of shaking people down financially simply so they can work in a field they are proficient at. It's time to think past the way we used to think about who qualifies for what and who should be allowed to work in what field.