"RULE OF SIX" & 10PM CURFEW. UK LOCKDOWN RULES SPREAD CONFUSION 25 mins Via The Daily Mail UK Pubs and restaurants are turning away customers who don't have the Government's 'pathetic' tracing app,' - despite glaring errors that stopped thousands from logging their test results. The beleaguered app's latest fiasco came last night when it blocked up to 70,000 users from logging their test results. The app relies on Bluetooth to determine if someone has been within two metres of an infectious person for 15 minutes, but other Bluetooth devices can interfere with the signal, generating a 'false positive'. To compound the problems, it has also transpired that the app doesn't work on millions of older smartphones. It also requires a code to register a completed test but it is only given if the test returns as positive. Those with a negative test are only able to register their result if they booked directly through the app. Despite the issues, Matt Hancock hailed the app as a success as he revealed more than 10 million people downloaded it since its launch on Thursday. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Q4VHWjbbm-g/ #news #UK #BorisJohnson #UKlockdown #TheDuran