"Ed Buck is a white, rich, gay Democrat, who apparently likes having black male prostitutes visit him at all hours and use drugs with him. Two of them died in his Los Angeles house after drug overdoses, and a third had a near death experience, leading to his arrest. The weird thing about Buck's denial of racism is that he's a racial fetishist, like Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer, a gay serial killer and cannibal, victimized mostly young men of color. There's more, but I repeat, when Barron said in his subhead above "Dark conspiracy theories abounded— but the truth is even darker" the "even darker" was the horror that is white privilege—nothing to do with sexual perversion at all." https://vdare.com/posts/ed-buck-says-like-jeffrey-dahmer-he-loves-black-males-to-death-but-the-nyt-says-he-s-racist