Friends, I am nearly complete with the script for the first episode of my upcoming documentary series, The Pyramid of Power. The series is going to be 13 episodes exploring the institutions and people who attempt to manipulate and rule our world. It's going to be fact-based, sourced, and educational. The first episode is about Big Education. It will explore the history of mandatory education, the growth of compulsory education, the history of government using education to manipulate, and of course, solutions for this problem. Once the writing is complete I pass it on to our video editor, Jeremy Martin, who will make it look beautiful. Once we have enough episodes together and a flow developed we will begin released them once a week or once every 2 weeks until all the episodes are out. This is the most ambitious project I have undertaken and one of my last major efforts at "waking people up" before shifting my focus to the land and building. Thanks for the support, - Derrick Broze