De-Fi is agrigating huge profits for those holding crypto. Many new wellsprings are coming about from etherium builds and smart contracts. If we really want to lift up the motivated, that have good ideas, we have to start looking at funding each other. The system we live under really does not require savings or earnings to push it forward. It survives purely on speculation, as relevant valuation has been thrown out the window. If we want to make and support meaningful local commerce, were going to need to nurture these people, with debt servicing costs that let them realize profit. Escape velocity for a start up is incredibly difficult for the first 5 years. What will happen shortly, is all printed representations of wealth will fade, and stores of value will rise. But not in structures, but more in commodity support infrastructure. If we as average people want a stake, we are going to have to build and then support each other on the street. To get there we need great business plans and affordable capitol. Were going to have to provide that for each other. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. We take paper, and buy crypto, we hold that crypto and leverage it for development of small business. We instantly raise the valuation curve of the crypto, as the demand rises, and as the velocity of transactions increases. So purchasing and holding crypto, always raises the value, where printing money always reduces its purchasing power. All the inflationary bubbles we have created by printing ultimately must face a street value. We can exit the current printed paper system now, and do all our remuneration there. Then real services, crop growers and service industry practitioners can both grow, and spur growth, while naturally healing the economy from the current extractive model. Again, I am super happy and honored to watch @keiserreport @MaxKeiser and @StacyHerbert to have them help me see this in motion. #startjoin was a masterful initiative along this empowered line of thinking. There is a space right here at @MINDS to grow these ideas, within the wallet structure we have been provided. Lets exit the race to the bottom thinking that's creating this monoculture in finance, and look at all the good aspects of what we can do right now. I Love You- https://www.whatbitcoindid.com/podcast/bitcoin-the-great-disruption-with-luke-gromen