Hello everyone Q:What are you going as for Halloween? . Welcome to October!! My absolute favourite month Why is October so awesome? 1. We have Halloween, which is my favourite day of the year and opens up a full month of lewd and gothic cosplays and outfits 2. This month marks exactly 1 YEAR since I opened my p4treon last year. So it's a great milestone and as a result I plan on releasing tons of extra content to say thank you for the year of awesome projects and support! Whats on offer!: When we hit 400 p4trons this month I've decided this full d.va set will be available to level 2+ patrons EARLY instead of level 3+ p4trons at the end of the month . . If we hit 420 p4trons I will also release a completely separate BONUS cosplay set (riamu) to all patrons as a massive thank you for continued support. . . GOD TIER will be gifted a full folder of implied gifs (sexy angles but 0 clothes) and all similar photos from my sets as an extra gift the god tier also gets full access to my mega gif folder from last month and pretty much all of my past sets! . . Currently posting all my d.va previews and lewd selfies from secret sets last month via my snapchat this week check my story once added! . . Limited edition trick or treat pixiecat halloween keyrings/pins and stickers will be available to all p4trons in hot dog tier and above! Super excited to release these polaroids will also be available as well as extremely lewd gothic posters and signed prints!! . . A minimum of 4 HD sets (not including selfie sets/gif folders etc) looking to shoot poison ivy, my demon girl OC - Lilliana in various diff outfits, including black latex pants, dark lingerie and a blood bath . . I work full time on all of my content and rarely take a day off cause I love doing this and I really am extremely excited to do halloween this year!! Hoping you guys will join me find out more about my different tiers and rewards here: www.p4treon.com/pixiecat link in bio or my story