Chernobyl and Reform At some point in the efforts to clean-up and contain radioactive materials at Chernobyl, they decided clean-up efforts are not worth the costs -- and decided to bury the entire area in concrete instead. Early clean-up might have involved sending people in there in order to shore up the radioactive material -- but those people died. Some "messes" are actually so bad that they are beyond cleanup efforts, due to toxicity. The issue applies to whether we should, as a nation, try to reform our Federal Bureau of Investigation (created by the anticapitalist progressive, T. Roosevelt), or the CIA (created by the anticapitalist, Truman). Like Chernobyl, attempts to clean-up these organizations may cost us more total human lives and resources -- more blood and sweat and tears -- than simply shutting them down and consolidating all of their intel and man-power back down into the US Marshals (created by the freedom-loving, rights-respecting capitalist, George Washington). Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch suggests shutting down the US FBI because of how thoroughly corrupt it has become (not meaningfully different than the Soviet KGB, which routinely attacked its own citizens). If the FBI and CIA are willing to "go after" the very President of the United States (POTUS), then no US citizen is safe from harm from these organizations. It is possible that one third of all FBI agents are on the payroll of organized crime bosses, such as George Soros. If true, it'd mean the FBI is just as likely to act against US citizens as to protect them. If true, it'd mean that reform is a ship that has already sailed -- and that only a complete shut-down will help.