Day 105 of "peaceful protests" Protesters are chanting “WE HOPE THEY DIE” & blocking emergency room entrance as 2 Los Angeles cops are fighting for their lives following ambush in Compton. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1305043236692602882?s=19 Start of thread: Moments ago, 2 of our Sheriff Deputies were shot in Compton and were transported to a local hospital. They are both still fighting for their lives, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We will update this thread with information as it becomes available. https://twitter.com/LASDHQ/status/1304975945376305153?s=19 Update: One male deputy and one female deputy were ambushed as they sat in their patrol vehicle. Both sustained multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition. They are both currently undergoing surgery. The suspect is still at large. https://twitter.com/LASDHQ/status/1304983687797157888?s=19 There is a video of it, I can't post it .@LACoSheriff Villanueva to Discuss Ambush Shooting of 2 LA Sheriff's in Compton, 10PM at St. Francis Med Ctr in Lynwood. https://twitter.com/LASDHQ/status/1305004909406765056?s=19 To the protesters blocking the entrance & exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM yelling "We hope they die" referring to 2 LA Sheriff's ambushed today in #Compton: DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ENTRIES & EXITS TO THE HOSPITAL. People's lives are at stake when ambulances can't get through. https://twitter.com/LASDHQ/status/1305039075884187648?s=19 A leftie: Police rush out to arrest one of the protesters as the group walks away #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305028221918949376?s=19 “This ain’t over for them.” Protesters vow to be back tomorrow as they move away from the police & tonight’s demonstration draws to a close #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305029460463431680?s=19 Like last night, the protesters have chosen to disperse peacefully from the standoff before any major clash with police #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305026970577776642?s=19 “Peaceful protests, and y’all show up like a small militia” #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305024260247822336?s=19 “There’s no such thing as a Blue life” Protesters denounce the concept of Blue Lives Matter #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305022726151852032?s=19 “It don’t seem like this is what you want to do.” Protesters speak directly to policemen defending the intersection here in Rochester #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305018977459023875?s=19 Protesters taunt police as they switch officers at the front lines, mocking one that came out with a Blue Lives Matter handkerchief #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305013303517818880?s=19 This may be a record for longest repeat of a chant at these protests; “Which Side Are You On?” has been going for at least 10 minutes straight #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305011668557205505?s=19 ‘The Resistance Choir of Rochester’ Protesters sing “We Shall Not Be Moved” to the line of police #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305009210464272384?s=19 Huge police & National Guard presence out in Rochester as they continue to face off with hundreds of protesters tonight #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305001387500208128?s=19 Protesters take a knee at the police line as they continue to sing “Which Side Are You On?” #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1305000023961276416?s=19 A few of the residences near the intersection have been occupied by the protesters. Unclear if homeowners have let them take over this porch and front lawn #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304998688247484416?s=19 Protesters take a knee at the police line as they continue to sing “Which Side Are You On?” #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304998688247484416?s=19 “Send those killer cops to jail.” Hundreds of protesters continue to face off with police past midnight here in Rochester #RochesterProtest #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304996337000370180?s=19 In an effort to block the police line of sight and disrupt their senses with exhaust, protesters are taking turns doing burnouts on the streets of Rochester tonight #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304995264747442181?s=19 Smoke fills the streets as bike exhaust is angled towards the police line #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304992757300244485?s=19 The streets of Rochester are getting loud tonight #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304991496639258627?s=19 The bike gang is back, having circled around to circumvent the police line and return behind the large crowd of protesters #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304990338847834117?s=19 I am skipping a little bit of the footage because there is a lot of the same stuff going on The Guard sends in one of their armored vehicles to disperse the motorcycles & dirt bikes facing off with police #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304986033747111936?s=19 Water bottles are thrown at police as they occupy the intersection in an attempt to push protesters back #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304983842017734656?s=19 Police fire projectiles into the crowd as they remain in a standoff with protesters in Rochester #RochesterProtests #Rochester https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304982645294673922?s=19 “You’re protecting a murderer.” Protesters yell at Rochester PD as the standoff continues #Rochester #RochesterProtests https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1304974755406192641?s=19 There isn't a lot of other things to report from this profile. You can watch the videos for yourself if you don't believe me on his profile page