THE POWER IS iN OUR HANDS ( The New Model For The New Norm ) =====Bullhorn Barry (Opinion & Article) It's articles just like this that really bring things home. Clearly, authoritarianism is the new model for the new norm. They're following the LOCKSTEP document to a T! If we acquiesce to this kind of nonsense there will be NO END to what they will try next. Many of the colleges are already collapsing, so this is the perfect time and opportunity to help them in their collapse. How can we ever, with a clear conscious, support any entity that would attempt to strip us of our dignity, our freedoms and our rights? We've been given the power to ensure that new paradigms of freedom and empowerment are erected, while simultaneously assisting in the collapse of the old order. We must never support any entity that is WOKE and would desire to rule over us with a heavy hand. We must never allow ourselves to be corralled like cattle and treated like children. We must demand to have our freedoms and our dignity at all times! We must send the signal out, "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!" PEACE #minds #newnorm #lockstep #dehumanization #covid19 https://summit.news/2020/08/19/university-threatens-to-suspend-students-who-leave-4-5-mile-covid-bubble/