No one is dying of this virus in Ireland. No mass graves. Nothing to report. And yet we're slouching towards a nationwide second lockdown because of mass testing for generic coronaviruses that most everyone has already. I'm now at a point where I have to concede that all of humanity must rise up in revolution to stop this. It's now or never. Our governments are the local enforcers of a dystopian new world order, which has been the nightmarish fantasy of their globalist paymasters for decades. They wish to drastically reduce the population and enslave those who remain in a world of mass surveillance and total control. The time to stop being afraid is now because waiting and hoping that things will get better on their own is just delusional. If you permit the elites to take your freedoms once, you will have set a precedent and they will do it again and again until they can make your loss of freedoms permanent. They will not stop until we stop them.