"Anti-racists" use a number of very poor arguments against ethno-nationalism. One of those I hear most often, especially directed towards people of English descent, is that we are a mix of different groups due to historic migrations. For instance, in England there will be a mix of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Norman, among other groups. They then conclude from this that there is no such thing as indigenous English people and that therefore we can't oppose non-white immigration. Of course, what they are forgetting is that all of the groups they point to are white European, and that there is no equivalency between white Europeans emigrating to other white European countries, and non-whites emigrating to European countries.The various peoples of Europe are all of the white race and, with one or two exceptions, are very culturally and linguistically similar as well. It is therefore possible to racially and culturally integrate other Europeans, but not so with non-Europeans. If we want to speak of a "French race" or an "English race", what we will be referring to are particular mixtures of the various subgroups of the white race (Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean), with a particular culture. In other words, the various national groups of Europe are different Folks who have a common cultural and racial origin, but who have differentiated somewhat over the years. Their great similarity would justify their mounting a common defence of their civilisation against invasion and subversion from within.