My new book for men, "Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender" is available for pre-order on #Amazon As a reward to those who pre-order it before it drops on September 21, 2020, I'll include the #audiobook if you send me an email with your order receipt. Most #dating/#selfhelp books are 150-200 pages, mine is +400 because I get really detailed on some of the advanced social dynamics strategies, sexhacks, and do a lot of storytelling. It's self-published so I don't have a publisher telling me to cut content or water down the message. The length means that I'll have to list it on Audible for $20-$25, of which I only get a 20% royalty - so I'd rather reward those who pre-order with the audiobook! Here's the chapter outline for those who are curious... The Inevitable Uncondoming Playing with Fire I was Promised a Sex Slave Dating in the Post-COVID-19 Era The Secret Society Infiltration Model for "Networking" Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women Meeting the Love of my Life and the Ultimate Risk The Siren Song of Online Dating Seduction Hacks Lifehacking Your Looks Seducing a Virgin How to Lose Your Virginity The Hero’s Journey from No Fap to Tantric Sex Tantric Sex Techniques Choose Youth (and Yin) over Beauty The Worst Part of Being Married The One Thing I Regret My Wedding Night with my Beloved Bride A Respite from the Shoddiness of Life Please Pre-Order Today https://amzn.to/3g6c91m and #DontStickYourDickinABlender!