Skills you can learn to earn money Money is difficult. Everyone needs it, but it is hard to get and keep it steady enough flow to meet your needs. If you are looking for skills to learn that can diversify your income sources, or just change up your career, this list can prove helpful. In the age of internet and social media and technology available to us, learning and mastering a new skill is not only possible but incredibly accessible. Schools and university have closed due to the corona virus, but that doesn't mean that learning has to stop. In theory,most of us should be prepared for anything like this current global COVID - 19 pandemic we are in. Here are some skills you can learn either online or by attending the skill acquisition school you selected. 1). Photography and Videography. We all see beautiful pictures and funny skits (videos) being done and we admire them. They didn't wake up one morning to be good at doing them, they either learnt it online or learnt it from a mentor. People love taking beautiful pictures to make memories, even those celebrating any event, or wedding events, they are so many to name. You learning this skill can help them accomplish what they want. 2). Singing. You know that you have a good voice why not use it well. You can attend singing classes to perfect your voice well or join your Church choir. Your voice can take you to place you never dreamed of. 3). Computer or Web program. Many business and individuals are realizing the need to transition to the online world. Having a computer and web program skill is becoming increasingly valuable. Most people display or advertise their goods and services online to attract more customers, you can learn how to do such and help them advertise their products from your house and charge them. 4).Dancing. Learning the skill of dancing is impressive,fun, challenging and rewarding. It can also help you get fit. You can go for dancing concert even if you don't win you can get something else meaningful from their or from anybody. You can also be hired to dance at events, you can also open a dance school to teach different dancing steps. 5). Culinary and Baking Skills. At this most, people are spending almost all day at home, cooking is a must. Cooking home meal is often healthier and cheaper alternative to most eating eating out options. If you have a great passion for cooking or baking why not sign up to any school, so that you will get exposed to many cooking recipes to never knew about. 6). Knitting And Crocheting. This a great skill to learn to keep your hands and fingers busy without technology. You could even learn how to knit and crochet sweaters,socks,aprons,undies. If your work is really good and neat you will get lots of customers at your doorstep. 7). Barbing. You could met a barber to teach you how to cut hair, you will stay at his shop for a required time to learn. Most people like their hair cut being so trendy, simple and neat so you also learn that. 8). How To Play An Musical Instrument. There are so many instruments to pick from you could learn on of them. If it's the saxophone you learn it diligently, you can be hired to help throw a surprise party by playing the saxophone for them and you will be paid handsomely. 9). Writing. Writing helps to improve your speaking skill as well, if you have the passion to become a writer or a journalist why not sign up to any writing platform. You can also become a writer here at Opera News Hub with some easy steps. You get paid if you sign up to any writing platform if your article gets published. 10). Sewing. You can learn how to sew fine ankara gowns,skirt,tops, lace or agbada. You can either learn how to sew for female or men, or you can learn both depending on your ability. This tailors that normally sew your clothes you can meet them and tell them to teach you, of course you have to pay no service if for free. If you learn diligently you will become good or even more better than your master. 11).Artistic. Artistic skills are not innate. You can learn how to become a painter, very good at drawing,or designing, sculpting. 12). Hair Stylist. Ladies love their being done properly. You won't be well known if you no good at plating your hair to be neat and fine. if you no well know nobody will patronize you. There are so many skills to learn I just picked few, if you feel like adding more please drop it in the comment box to keep others aware. It's not just about learning the skill, you have to be determined and persistent in whatever you do. Do the right thing and the skill you learnt will be very useful to you too.