Ok, I am going to try and stay calm during this rant... I will tell you now that I will not edit my language in this one and I won't hold back on how pissed off I am about how some people on my time line that find the lives of drugged out grown as men, women that decided to date a drug dealer, and moron that shot or pull guns on cops are more importent than a 5 yr old boy playing outside with his sisters. Yes, my rant today is about the piece of shits that say "The suspect was arrested and charged so justice was servered, unlike...." FUCK YOU!!! George Floyd... Though wrongfully killed, he was a criminal that was high as a kite, asked the cops to put him on the ground, and was already sick.... Oh you want to bring up Breonna Taylor.... Yes sad that she was collateral damage, but she knew her bf was a drug dealer (no you can't convince me she didn't know), the said bf shot at cops claiming he didn't hear them, yet their yelling brought a neighbor from upstairs and can testify they called out who they were, so her death is on the bf's head not the cops, or do you want to bring up Arbery... Guess what... If I rushed a guy with a shot gun and got killed, my father would say I was a moron. Now back to the PARENTS that are saying justice was severed... Would you think that if your child was executed while just riding his bike with their siblings? If you would your are shity parent, I said what I said... If Cannon was my son the hand of god wouldn't stop me from kill that pieces of shit that killed my son. Cannon was a child, not a dating a drug dealer, not high as a kite, not bum rushing a guy with a gun... He was playing with his sisters and was executed by a guy that was a piece of shit. As you can see from my rant I never brought up color because it doesn't matter in this case.... This Piece of Shit that executed that little boy is nothing but a piece of shit no matter what color... It also doesn't matter... FUCK YOU for making it about race... "He got justice" NO he didn't there is no justice that can be handed down that will help Cannon's parents and sister get over his loss... There is no justice when a child is killed... Not for Cannon Not for Mekhi Not for Sincere Not for Lena Not for Amaria So for those of you that are outraged over the fact that Cannon was white and the piece of shit was black, it shouldn't matter the color of anyone when a child is killed. Finally for those of you that say justice was served and are trying to equate Cannon's death to the death of grown ass adult that make dumb ass decisions... YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON... Slam your head in a car door till you clean the stupid out of it... Read this part very closely if it applies to you...: If you are a parent and believe justice was served and you want to fucking show more grief to said grown ass adults mentioned above... Give your child to someone that is NOT a fucking moron and never breed again because you are a Piece... Of... Shit... Parent. I said what I said. But what do I know I'm just an Ol' Broken Paratrooper That is all.