You're the only one I want to get screwed over by... Well now, Wodnesdæg is here, and that means I'm about to do that thing where I posts a video of a song and type some words and call it a Song for Odin. Been at this for over two years if you can believe that. Crazy. Anyhow, it's me, playing "You're the Only One" slightly out of sync at the Rotterdam Rumble, August 27, 2004. This was during an acoustic interlude during the regular set, an act billed as Dr Frank and His Shiny Robot Monkeys but really just me being backed London's Zatopeks wearing sliver jumpsuits and monkey masks. I recently re-posted a photo of one of the rehearsals -- during which they were actually wearing the masks, God bless 'em -- so that's why I thought of looking to see if there was any video of the set. This is the closest I could come, the only document I've come across of that night, which is unfortunate as I'd like to have seen what the Shiny Robot Monkeys looked like from the stage. I understand it was dangerously hot in all that gear, but I bet it looked pretty great. I honestly don't remember all that much about the show, other than the fact that pretty much everyone there was fairly drunken, including me. Still, there's nothing more fun than rock and roll in my experience, so I'm pretty sure it was. Fun, I mean. As for the song, it's one of those that still "works" even 25 years later. A lot of people are familiar with it because it closes a very popular album, and I know it is loved dearly by many of them. But in a way the true test of a song's vitality isn't how well it holds up over time among those predisposed to like it, but rather how it fares to an audience with no context for it. "Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend" reliably "lands" with pretty much any audience, but so does this one, almost without fail. At least, "you're the only one I want to get screwed over by" always gets a laugh. It's great playing these songs to people who love them already, but it can be kind of like a ritual: everyone knows the punchlines so well that they're not really punchlines and you don't generally get laughs. This was a Song for Odin way back in Jan. 2018 when this "series" was just getting going, and in that write-up (see notes below) I told the story of the most memorable time I played it, at Coney Island High, '96-ish, where a great big drunk galunk who interrupted the song got disciplined with extreme prejudice by a bunch of "You're the Only One" loving girls. Best security detail ever. And that'll wrap her up. And by "her" I mean this entry. Be good to each other as much and as often as you can, and I'll be back again next week most likely. notes: -- Rotterdam Rumble show poster: -- that Shiny Robot Monkeys rehearsal pic: -- studio recording: -- that previous "You're the Only One" write-up: -- Songs for Odin playlist: #music #songs #video #love #minds