I was asked how can we not believe the bible when the prophecies are coming true? The answer is the satanic priest class wrote the Bible. It’s their story. They play God in this world. They are a secret society priest class. The Jesuits are the secret society of Jesus. Jesus is only a name they made up and they gave it an image. People are literally praying to a secret society death cult because they believe in the Bible. Same goes for Judaism and Islam. The satanic priest class writes all the religions to divide and conquer. People are fighting over who has the better invisible man in the sky. It’s them! The death cult priests who are the death of the consciousness within man. Christ is a state of your own consciousness. It does not exist external of you. It is your direct connection to source that the priest class have suppressed within you through religion. Mind control. Self knowledge is the science to raising your consciousness because it is not a religion telling you what to think. It is actual experience through practice of physics, the energy consciousness within you. You don’t have to believe because you KNOW! An individual actually is experiencing their life source within them connected to the ALL. Esoteric call it ONE LOVE because it is! We are not separate from anyone or anything. Everything is connected by frequency the God source within each individual. We are not our beliefs, we are consciousness. Do you really believe that when you die you take your religious beliefs? That’s some heavy baggage to be carrying. The only thing we leave this world with is our consciousness and return to source as a vibration of light. We manifest incarnate with the same level of consciousness we have at the time of death. There is no such thing as time. That’s man made not source made. A thousands years is but a blink in light years. Ask anyone who ascends in an altered state of consciousness. We can mediate for an hour and when we descend to a grounded state it feels like a milli second. This world is a dimension in space not up in space. Yes we can see the sun, moon and stars up in the sky but all of it is a dimension of the ALL. Self knowledge take us right out of this world. The majority are enslaved to it because they have not learned their truth. They are indoctrinated by the death cult who enslaved their minds in their system of mind control to suppress their consciousness.