Armed BLM protester shot dead by a motorist in Austin was on camera earlier calling critics ‘pu**ies’ A reportedly armed Black Lives Matter protester in Austin, Texas, was shot dead when the man allegedly approached a vehicle and the motorist opened fire. The incident took place Saturday night during a protest in the city, as demonstrators marched in the street shutting down traffic. According to an online account, the armed protester allegedly banged on the back of a vehicle and the driver got out and fired as many as eight shots. The incident was captured on FB Live by Hiram Gilberto, and a clip of that video is seen here: The Austin Police Department, which was on hand and allowing protesters to take control of the streets, took the shooter into custody and the man is cooperating with authorities, according to The Statesman. “One adult male victim was located with a gunshot wound,” Officer Katrina Ratcliff said, before confirming that the man was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. “Initial reports indicate that the victim may have been carrying a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. Suspect was in the vehicle and shot at the victim. Suspect was detained and is cooperating with officers.” In the video below, the protester is seen receiving CPR from first responders. Facebook user Robert Garrett shared a video of the incident. “Sorry there isn’t sound as I had to record this with my phone off the computer, but when you see the big dude with the blackshirt walk behind the car he banged on the trunk, and that was my clue to get out. As soon as shots were fired I called 911,” he wrote. According to one protester, the man shot was a regular at BLM protests and was with his fiance, who is in a wheelchair. Here are firsthand accounts from other protesters: About 50 protesters returned to Austin Police Department headquarters early Sunday, where that had convened hours earlier, the Statesman reported. “A visibly grieving woman, who is believed to be the victim’s fiance, joined protesters. Protesters surrounded her to give her their condolences while chanting what appeared to be the victim’s name,” the paper added. The name being chanted is Garrett Foster, and there is a video making the rounds on Twitter of Foster talking about why he was carrying what he identified as “an AK-47.” (Texas is an open carry state.) “They don’t let us march in the streets anymore, so I’ve got to practice some of our rights,” he responded. Foster was asked if he felt like he would need to use the weapon. “Nah,” he replied. “I mean, if I use it against the cops I’m dead. I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of p-ssies to stop and actually do anything about it.” The protest had been taking place for several hours, as seen in the FB Live video that captured the shooting — the incident takes place at the 2:35 hour mark.