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The Avern’a are at their end. For centuries they have bravely fought against the cannibalistic Jaern, resisted their invasion. Yet, there is barely any strength left in their bones and hope still glistening in their eyes. The One, The Dark Hunter, Lord of Minds and Collector of Souls – He has ordained His priesthood to secure Kera’s homeworld, hold it in their grip forevermore. For the souls of its inhabitants nourishes the filthy, debased deity and fuels his ruinous powers. Even if Captain Anit’za and the crew of IMS Starshatter were not on a quest to secure the ancient secrets of stellar ore forging, they’d still come, offer their help. For far too long have these Jaern scum leeched off Avern’a souls and stolen their lives. Countless billions have perished in the dark, forgotten, their muffled cries for help, unheard, their hopes broken. Operation Impending Freedom, birthed from within the prudent mind of a Dzenta’rii captain, is now in full swing and a Terran force under the command of Admiral Holsey, ready to strike. Count Omasa, however, too aims to secure a foothold, use the brutalized planet as a stepping stone for his grandiose plans. His mighty Coalition squadron, composed of heavily-modified warships and crewed by well-paid, motivated star warriors is already underway. The ambitious Taz’aran Lord will not be denied his prize and aims to annihilate anyone standing in his way – be they Terrans or even Jaern! This is the sixth installment of the #Starshatter series, titled Final Liberation - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088BH43HQ