Grab 'em by the Revolution! Your TV's not broken That's the way it's supposed to be Your radio's not misspoken It's just our manufactured reality Your paper has no redaction It's what they want you to read You're left with no satisfaction, no plan of action That's living for their power and greed Your government's propped up by strings Never seeing the men behind the curtain Your founders would have gotten rid of these things We accept Obamacare and Halliburton I'm not saying the British are coming Because they're already here I'm waiting for some humming and drumming Before the haze of indoctrination will clear It's time to realize there is but one evil in DC Operating under Republicans and Democrats That should be evident by their votes on war and poverty Everything else is unresolved tit for tats Now's the time to rise up and grab what's yours While they got the disease and we have the solution Keep the future shining bright with unclosed doors Pull yourself up and grab 'em by the REVOLUTION!
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