I AM PROUD TO BE A PART OF MINDS AND THE FACT THAT PEOPLE ARE FINALLY AWARE OF FALSE FLAG TERRORISM NOT COMMITTED BY TERRORISTS BUT BY GOVERNMENTS BLAMING THE TERRORIST THAT ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO PROTECT THEIR HOMELANDS. PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO PROTECT THEIR FAMILIES AND HOMES ARE CALLED THE TERRORIST BY THE LIES OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA'S DECEPTIONS! PLEASE SHARE TO THOSE THAT ARE NEW TO MINDS AND LET THEM GET A HEAD START ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY AND THE PATH TO REAL TRUTH! Ten Reasons Why 9/11 Was “The Ultimate Inside Job And False Flag Operation” 1. The Twin Towers at the World Trade Center did not come down as a result of passenger airplanes hitting them; rather, they were controlled demolitions. 2. Building #7 was never hit by a CGI airplane and was brought down by a perfectly controlled demolition as proven by several different videos of the engineered collapse. 3. The airliner that never hit the Pentagon – American Airlines Flight 77 – was in fact a very purposefully aimed cruise missile (from the U.S, military arsenal) as demonstrated by the entry and exits holes. 4. Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania since the coroner who showed up at the ‘crash site’ remarked that he never attended a crime scene so bloodless and lacking in bodies. 5. Insider traders have proven that they knew about the 9/11 attacks well before they happened; numerous large transactions prior to the attacks indicate foreknowledge by “men in high places”. 6. Air Defense was instructed to “Stand Down” by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) going against ALL protocols. 7. Cell phone calls made from the passenger airliners were faked, since reception was technologically impossible at that time and at that altitude. 8. All four ‘black boxes’ have been kept in absolute ‘secrecy’(planted evidence) because of the incriminating evidence of the 4 staged attacks. How could there be black boxes if there were no commercial airliners involved? 9. “Reports* of molten metal in the foundations of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers are frequently noted … and that the buildings were destroyed through controlled.” (Per http://911research.wtc7.net) * “The observations of molten metal are evidence for demolition in a number of respects, given the difficulty of explaining the requisite temperatures as resulting from random fires. For example, since molten iron is a by-product of the highly exothermic reaction of thermite, observations of quantities of the substance fit the hypothesis that thermite or thermite-like reactions were instrumental in the Towers’ destruction.” “The president of Tully Construction of Flushing, NY, said he saw pools of “literally molten steel” at Ground Zero days after the 9/11 attacks.” (Per http://911review.com) Our comment: Molten steel found deep in the foundation of the Twin Towers??? 10. Many of the Osama Bin Laden tapes, videos and photographs are all obvious fakes and fabrications according to several photo and voice experts.