Where are the books by "Money Destroyers"? Why haven't there been any books written on reversing the creation of money? If money ALWAYS = Debt, then why would anyone want to understand it without the motivation of figuring out a way to disempower and destroy "the money power"? Isn't "money" one of the BIGGEST of "big lies" every told? The answer isn't between "legal tender" vs "lawful money", nor is the answer in "hard money" (aka gold/silver/etc.) or in barter or "time-banks". All these start with the big lie of "money' trying to find another "medium of exchange" to further commerce. But if commerce = war, then wouldn't seeking an end of commerce be a peacemaking activity? Want to discover who how these peacemaking money destroyers are disempowering the money power? Why has it been said that "love" was the currency of the 21st Century? https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1065503888709304320 #love #money #commerce #debt #currency