In their panic, the idiots in our government are creating a famine. From a farmer acquaintance: _____________________________________ "It’s been confirmed that large scale euthanasia of market ready hogs will begin in earnest this week. I’m estimating one million within 100 miles of me... worst case 10 million total nationwide. Poultry numbers will be much higher. Some people think beef could start in a month. "The shut down and slowed down packing plants are the reason. I don’t know what to do to get them back online. Some workers aren’t coming in. Some truly are sick. To maintain social distancing they had to “slow the chain”. "Last weekend, [name redacted] and some friends and I processed 5 pigs in my garage. This was a huge undertaking. Small locker plants/butchers are running 6-7 days a week and are still booked for 3-7 months out. The Heartland has done all we can. It’s time to start the dozers, dig the pits, and embark on one of the most horrendous undertakings the American farmer has had to, in history. "I know of one farm wife who bought a hardware store out of .22 ammo (8,000 rounds) because they have 7500 market ready pigs and no outlet for them. "They cannot 'hold' them. Plants aren’t designed for over fat pigs. Buildings aren’t, either. First the gates and feeders will be wrecked.. the the slatted floors will start collapsing into the pits below. There’s simply no other way. "Expect wide spread meat shortages in the next 10 days. This could extend for months. "Our food supply chain is broken. The whole system is broken. And today, I feel very broken. "'Cheap' and 'convenient' food supply is not necessarily a reliable one." #coronavirus #overreaction #panic