I admire this brave dude for understanding the fact that there's absolutely no such thing as a Chinese Virus. Yes, there's a real virus, but China is actually the very first victim of an Israeli Zionist Bioweapon called the Covid1984 Trumpvirus, it's created by the hideous State of Israel the true enemy of humanity and Donald Trump the Zionist Tyrant, designed to genocide Asia, & that's why I HATE Israel and Trump far even more than ever. It's so disturbing that there's increasing racism against Asians in this stupid Judeo-Christian USA shithole so horrid that I feel completely ashamed to be American. The late great George Carlin is telling the truth that there's nothing in American History to be proud of, & what he said of the American Dream scam is also true, he said "it's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it". I feel so ashamed to be American that I demand Cascadia secession, & I'm in favor of a Eurasian Cascadia, because I'm a very strong advocate for interracial love between White Guys and Asian Girls. I badly want an Asian Girlfriend (2 or more is even better) so bad, especially cute petite Asian Girls with Bob haircuts and Mary Jane shoes. Now, you know why I HATE Donald Trump & Israel so much, & I want ALL this racism towards Asians to stop entirely. That's how angry I am.