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Modern Hollywood movies get a 70's and 80's Japanese makeover with awesome retro film posters Talented fan takes John Wick, Pikachu, and Marvel heroes back to the golden era of Japanese poster graphic design. In our modern world, online trailers and video teasers are the way to drum up interest in a movie. But turn the calendar back to the 1970s or early ‘80s, before everyone had at least one Internet-capable device within arm’s reach at any given moment, and awesomely designed posters were the way to get people hyped. Making a good poster was a serious challenge. The designer had only a single piece of paper in which to establish the characters and atmosphere to get people interested enough to buy a ticket, and couldn’t rely on music or motion to help. And yet, the right artist could pull it off, like in this awesome looking poster for John Wick, showing Keanu Reeves standing tall in a display of old-school badassery. …except, wait a second. John Wick came out in 2014! Did some graphic designer from 1970s Japan travel four decades into the future, stick around just long enough to watch the movie, then go back to his own time and put this poster together? Nope, because you don’t need a time-traveling artist when the spirit of retro poster design lives on today in the heart of Japanese Twitter user Corned Beef Taro (@UMAI_ONIKU_TARO), whose hobby is making poster-style movie fan art.

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