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Ocasio Cortez BACKFIRES On Bernie's Campaign As Her Views "Go Too Far," Sanders Staff Furious. Many on the left argued that impeachment was actually designed to hurt Bernie Sanders and not Donald Trump. This argument actually makes some sense considering that Trump raised record funding and his approval rating is way up meanwhile Bernie was pulled off the campaign trail and forced to find a surrogate. Bernie found his sub in Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who not only never said his name at his campaign rally but also claimed that Bernie wants to abolish ICE and CBP. If we got rid of CBP we would effectively have open borders. The Sanders camp was furious as Bernie has never called for such policies and Ocasio Cortez had gone "too far" Now people are calling out Bernie as inconsistent and accusing him of flip flopping on immigration. Meanwhile powerful labor unions are calling out Bernie and he and AOC are forced to admit they may pull away from Medicare For All in favor of a public option.


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