I've found #Facebook has a tendency to highlight peoples characters quite nicely. It helps you to better understand who's who in the zoo. I've been thinking about it this morning as I clean my apartment. Here are the character traits I've seen Facebook highlight: THE BOSSY BOOTS The bossy boots rarely leaves a positive comment of agreement. They never relate to what you post. They sit back and watch.. judging (but not engaging).. looking for an opening where they can provide some kind of unrequested advice. This kind of person truly believes they are above others and actually suffers from megalomania/narcissistic personality disorder. THE CYNIC Similar to the bossy boots, the cynic will also read your posts and they'll never say anything positive. They also won't try to relate or have a laugh. They'll sit back and watch -- looking for something to put you down. They're watching -- waiting for the chance to correct you about something. They'll jump at the chance to point out how you're WRONG about something. They feel that if they can prove you're wrong -- that somehow elevates them. This kind of person is jealous with a low self esteem and is often jealous and bitter. THE HERO The hero is like a self appointed police officer. They go around Facebook looking for someone to pick on. They're extremely tough behind a keyboard and usually a total loser in real life. The hero throws stones from a glass house and is often filled with insecurity, guilt and self-loathing. They feel that if they can attack someone else, somehow they will be elevated -- or relieved from the fact that they are a complete and utter moron. This kind of person has no self respect and does not respect those closest to them in life -- which generates animosity and even more resentment (and self loathing); which in turn causes them to want to lash out at other people even more. Basically they are projecting because they suck, and deep down they know it. THE DELUSIONAL BORG The delusional Borg doesn't have much of a thought process. They also often have a very shallow personality. They do not spend a lot of time educating themselves or their skills (for anything important). They're rather intellectually lazy. They know all about what's on TV, they know all the latest bands and artists. They're very social but blissfully ignorant about a lot of what's going on in the world. They trust "authority" blindly (because that's the path of least resistance). They follow everything they're told or even encouraged to do by anyone above them. And if anyone else tries to tell them different, they'll get EXTREMELY angry and start calling that person names to try to put them down. The delusional borg will all of the sudden become the worlds biggest expert (and quite aggressively so) on matters that they have never spent even a MOMENT of their life looking up or researching; even against people who ALL THEY HAVE EVER DONE is research and educate themselves. This kind of person cannot be reasoned with. They just go with the flow -- with what ever most people seem to believe; and good luck trying to tell them anything different. This kind of person is usually pretty happy, because they're ignorant. But when things get real hard they become irreconcilable, cry, lose all hope and the ability to function in general. THE COWARD The coward is similar to the delusional borg except they go one step further and lash out at you for saying stuff that hurts their feelings. They feel very insecure in life and don't like to hear (or know about) anything that makes them upset. So they'll fly by your posts now and then to tell you you suck, or you're an idiot or that what you post is BS. Then they'll go and hide in their corner again for a few months until their fears built to a point that they want to lash out at "a messenger:" again. There is also a type 2 coward that doesn't post on your wall -- they just incessantly talk behind your back telling everyone about how much of a d*ick head you are. This somehow makes them feel better. BUT HERE'S THE WORST.. THE TOTAL KNOB! This person belongs on everyone's block list. They are guilty of at least three of the character traits mentioned above. This kind of person should be avoided and shunned at all costs. If you know a total knob, just do yourself a favour and block them. If you ever have the misfortune to read one of their posts, you might have to wash your eyes out under a tap. If your eyes still hurt or you begin to get a headache, you might have to have a few beers. But the WORST possibly thing you can do is reply. If you feel that you might indeed be about to reply to a total knob, just STOP. Send me a private message and I'll personally help you through the ordeal. In a worst case scenario, I might have to come over and give you a hug (and another carton of beer).. I created this post to generate awareness of bossy, cynical, delusional, cowardly KNOBS; because they're ruining Facebook for everyone. Ok, thanks. Have a nice weekend. Bye <3 #KnobAwareness