Why has it been said that "love" was the currency of the 21st Century? https://web.archive.org/web/20120112113100/http://spiritualeconomicsnow.net/?p=118 Did this article go far enough, or is there a bigger picture regards how "love" can overcome all of men's bankrupt traditions of church-state-money (i.e. religion-politics-banksterism)? What if "love" was/is the effect/cause of Kingdom Banking for turning the world Right-Side up again? Has anyone explored the many changes in the priesthood from the Levitical to the Melchizedek? Weren't most (all?) of the levitical practices done away with, completely, replaced or modified from old to new covenants? Why would the tax/tithe be any different? Not that there is no more tax/tithe, which in one sense has one logical point to stand on (since the only reason for the tithe in old Covenant was to support the tribe of Levi who had no land inheritance), but because the tithe changed from 10% to 100% under the new Covenant as a restoration of the Melchizedek order that existed before the Abrahamic covenant-- evidenced by the fact Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek. But how would this work, today, with people half-in and half-out of the "kingdom of heaven" (on earth), as in still double-minded thru making the wrong choice defined in I Sam 8 resulting in a voluntary servitude under an Egyptian-type slavery because of "Babylonian" idolatry/whoredom (from which all of men's bankrupt money-schemes comes from)? Is it because people can't imagine how the new heavens, new earth of the new covenant was a restoration of all that Adam lost when banned from the garden? Was there money in Eden? Was there any need for buying, selling or any kind of commerce when all was given to Adam under the "dominion covenant" (trust) to tend it and bring forth increase? Isn't this "increase" the "tithe" the Creator wanted? Not to support a tribe of people, but to carry out the Creator's will? How would a 100% tax/tithe work? Wouldn't that be the end of all money? How could that happen while there is still man's bankrupt Babylonian usury-banking schemes going on? ...especially since the tax/tithe's only purpose is to return to the king's interest on use of his property? What would happen if all those who come out of their voluntary servitude and repented (i.e came out of the plagues of Babylon)? Would that be when the "wealth of the wicked that was stored up for the righteous" is returned as inferred in all the kingdom parables of the anointed-messiah, kinsman-redeemer in his law-word / will-testament? If the sons of the King don't pay taxes/tithes, but collect them, is that the 1st hint in how a 100% tithe would work? Since we've been redeemed by so great a price, i.e. appointed out from becoming slaves to men again, then what else is owed after a 100% tithe except: "owe no man anything except love" (Rom 13:8-10)? If our anointed king, messiah, redeemer truly ransomed us out of the world into his set-apart kingdom, then what are the duties such people must carry out to fulfill the 100% tithe requirements to bring forth "increase" for furthering Abba's Kingdom here on earth? Isn't that what such ones are called to do as taught to pray in this way: "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?" If one dedicated 100% of one's work to that end then would that fulfill the 100% tithe requirement (i.e. resulting in crucifying of self daily, growing in grace, truth and discipling the new spiritual man into always seeking the kingdom first before everything else)? Hope this is useful food for thought that inspires much thinking/discussion on this most important subject. There are many more references that could be shared, but basically every kingdom parable is about kingdom banking. If one learned how trusts could be used to create "banks" that change the flow of the "interest"/increase from all property of its Creator, and that such is to be put under the foot of the "heir of all things"-- who purchased the world and everything in it... then would we be closer to understanding how "love" as the currency could effect Kingdom banking for turning the world right-side up again? After all, doesn't "love" overcome all, and isn't love the full duty of man under the Two Great Commandments? #love #money #banking #tithe #thirdposition