Breaking in my broken heart... Well now, here we are again. Wodnesdæg, I mean. Song for Odin time. We took the last couple of weeks off for the holidays - and we hope you all had good ones - but now is the time we come roaring back. And what we have here is "I Don't Need You Now" performed in an Italian cemetery/park, ca. June 2006. I was there because the friends of Beppe, a longtime fan, had chipped in to bring me out there to play at his wedding reception as a surprise gift. He was very surprised. I walked up to his table and played "You Today" and then we did "King Dork" as a duet. We've all (Beppe et al.) become good friends since. You may have seen this or that Italian popping up here and there in my web "flow," and when that happens it's more likely than not one or more of them. This video captures a "secret" show the night before. (The location is the old cemetery of Redona in Bergamo, precisely where the Edone Club is now.) It was a very memorable night, in quite a beautiful setting -- the video was shot by Paolo Proserpio and is a work of art unto itself. I love everything about this video, and I'm sure I'll have more to say about it in future. It really captures the essence of the experience. Good, good times. As for the song, well, it's one of the most requested and consistently popular of all my songs, and I think it's among the best-written of them as well. When people say, as many have, that Revenge Is Sweet and So Are You is the ultimate break-up album, that it helped them through their divorce, etc., this song is usually the focal point. There are some rather good lyrical moments... "moving to the bottom of a pretty, long list", "all of these apologies that I don't owe you now" and this couplet: ...what was pulling us and me apart was only breaking in my broken heart now it's controlled again, on hold again, and more broken in than it's ever been... I wish I could say all my lines were this deft and condensed, yet natural, lyrically and conceptually. The song itself is at least as old as Love Is Dead, because I remember playing it for Joe King in Portsmouth when we were staying at his house along with all the other Love Is Dead songs (we were sharing our "new stuff" with each other) and him saying something like "good tune, you should sing it with a girl." Obviously it didn't get sung with a girl. In fact, the recording of it was thrown together as a last-minute insertion to the Revenge Is Sweet album, to replace "You Alone" (which is still on the extant master reel.) I can't remember the specifics of how that came about, but I'm glad it did, as it is a couple of minutes of sonic diversity amid all those similar-sounding guitar and drum tracks but also because it really does round out the conceptual flow, the "argument," if you will, of the production. (But the sonic diversity is important and comes in very handy when trying to sequence an album, as it certainly did on Mtx forever. That's a "reveal" by the way, 1/24th of the Mtx forever tracklist for those who are curious.) It might have been fun to do it with a girl, as most things are. Sometimes, when I indulge in the fantasy of imagining this album done theatrically as part of some "show" narrative (I know it's stupid preposterous, but this is a fantasy) I can see it as a duet, first verse guy, second verse girl, bridge and third verse unison... But it's definitely more fitting, in reality, for it to be delivered by a single, slightly confused and unconfident, resigned, wavery voice -- fortunately I was just the guy for the job. I have grown rather fond of the sloppiness and quirkiness of the performance on the recording over the years, but I'd had a tighter execution in mind. The arrangement is a vague nod to bossa-nova pastiche, but it certainly could have been done more competently and effectively per se. Had it not wound up on RISASAY, it probably would have been on the subsequent solo album, where i probably would have been able to present it with more precision, but I'm not sure it would have been an improvement. At any rate, it is, as so many things are, what it is. And I like this performance a lot. The audience whistling in the break is great. So there you have it. Like. Share. Comment. Subscribe. And stay tuned for more Songs for Odin to come (Wednesday regular, barring any holiday interference.) Got some interesting stuff planned. notes: -- Revenge Is Sweet recording: -- a recent post about "You Alone" and "I Don't Need You Now" and the RISASAY master tape: -- Songs for Odin playlist: #music #songs #video #minds