The text of the House Resolution to move forward with the Impeachment of President Trump: Several things to note: Adam Schiff remains in charge of the inquiry process at this time, but impeachment articles will come from Jerry Nadler's Judiciary Committee. Schiff is no longer allowed to conduct a secret inquiry. Transcripts are to be made public with only redactions for classified information. This INCLUDES depositions to date. The GOP gets subpoena power, but only with the "concurrence" of the committee chair Adam Schiff. Superficially, this resolution pays at least lip service to the principles of due process. However, the continued involvement of Adam Schiff is a problem. His lies and falsehoods regarding President Trump are a matter of public record, including the proceedings of his own committee. By any normal ethical standard, he should be excluded from the inquiry process. Transparency is the one non-negotiable. The #Democrats MUST make their case in public, or abandon this effort altogether. On the surface, this resolution provides at least some mechanisms for transparency. The #GOP will vote against it. Is this resolution "safe" enough for Democrats in purple districts? That is unclear at this time. https://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20191028/BILLS-116-HRes660.pdf #news #politics #impeachment