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For your information I'm well aware that my page is very controversial and I have been spending 20 years of my life researching the history of false flag attacks in American Warfare and I also have been spending many years revisiting and discovering the lies and deceptions behind the Holocaust because poor Hitler didn't have the internet so the Zionist Jews have the control of newspapers television and radio so they could manipulate the entire world. I'm also aware that because of the internet the openness between many social platforms the government has had to fight back and covertly setup businesses who hire paid trolls to lie deceive and manipulate the masses and I'm well aware that I've had many of these government trolls on my pages making comments that are derogatory and they're outright disinformation so as you goddamn bastards are watching me I'm definitely watching you and because mind's will let us block you and delete your comments you're wasting your fucking time because I monitor everything on my account and monitor all my post and if you put any bullshit comments you will be blocked deleted and if your account looks suspicious I will report you two minds and let them deal with your fake account eventually the truth will win and you sorry motherfukers will be out of a job! To whom this may concern because I know you're out there!