INCOME INEQUALITY/ WAGE DISPARITY: We've all seen entire pages (and/or entire books, even!) of libtarded articles spew forth whining victimology drek devoted to "Inequality" (of outcome, as opposed to inequality of opportunity). Oh yeah; - "oh the tragedy, oh the humanity." But let's try this simple thought experiment out: I see a guy who starts a company, employs say 100 people with low but decent salaries of say $50,000. each. He gives him self a yearly salary of $100,000 for his troubles. So he's getting TWICE their salaries! (And he doesn't even work with his hands at all)! "HOLYSHIT!" That's Not Fair - is it?! - liberals ask. After a bit, he starts up a second, equally-successful company, so now he employs 200 people, and takes in $200,000 for him self. "But wait!" The criminals moan - that's "Not Fair!" because now he's getting FOUR times their salaries! His income just DOUBLED, while theirs remained the exact same! Holy crap, the liberals start losing their minds! "Not fair! Not Fair!! NOT FAIR!!!" Sure, the guy's efforts have doubled the economy, and now twice as many people can feed their families, but the "gap" between the evil capitalist and his slave workers has doubled! They didn't get any raises at all, the poor exploited dumb brutes, the extortive liberal victimologists moan! Then he does it again (the greedy bastard)! He made yet another successful company and now employs 300 people! "But" they bitch, "while the workers still 'only' get $50,000. p/a each, the evil rich capitalist now makes almost a third of a million dollars a year! Holy shit - he's making SIX times what they make, and his worth just went up another 50% - AGAIN!" Their salaries didn't go up AT ALL! "So, quick! We must rob and exile him and "redistribute" his bloated salary among the poor enslaved perpetually downtrodden working-man labor class at once!" they insist. That way, they will each get a quick 2% raise at last! Of course, they will also then just as quickly lose their jobs and have to go on welfare, because that rich capitalist traitor just sold his infrastructure and took the jobs overseas, but hey - that's what "the government" (everybody else who works and pays taxes) is for - to subsidize libertine whiners - amiright!? MORONS!