COUNTERFEIT CHARITY: https://chalcedon.edu/blog/counterfeit-charity looked over whole article. much needed bashing of church tradition, loads of criticism of many groups, yet only one statement pointing to the only useful concept: . . ."The Divine Economy is a marvelous, multi-faceted wonder in the created order. It is an immensely intricate, finely tuned blueprint, established before time, through which all aspects and features of the created order are used intentionally, specifically, necessarily, and without waste to bring about God’s will on earth. Simplified, God uses all things to accomplish all things." . . . nothing about any old covenant rules on money, business, economy or charity... just a simple reality: i.e. a new covenant (trust/treaty) operating under a new earth & new heavens restoration of what existed before "the law added because of transgression." * things: http://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/thing * (not) property: http://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/property . . . or -- created "things" vs man's legal descriptions defining "property" . . . IOWs: the owner-creator makes a "thing", but man only creates a description (image) of a thing. this is done thru imposing a "trust" upon a thing, and it then becomes the "property" (aka "trust res" inside said trust. This is the same "trust" at the root of all "money" or "currency" creation-- i.e. a "thing" that is legally defined to represent something it is not. #divine #charity #love #spirituality #money