Below is from the Legal Insurrection comments section where I comment as "Paul in Sweden". -Mr EntryReqrd FineReport, No, mental health in a significant number of cases is a factor which must be addressed. We should not let violent crazy or criminal people walk our streets or enter our country. This is asking for trouble. It does not matter if a raging wild fire is started by an arsonist or lightning. You get all the people out of its way and kill it. It is foolish after the fact to say,oh well, it was lightning, it is a freak natural thing. Fire breaks, forest maintenance, fire preventive plans, forest fire risk assessments and emergency response resources need to be put in place. A mentally unstable person needs to be evaluated, helped if possible and isolated if needed prior to disaster. It does not matter to me if a person killed three people on a street corner because of a bad drug deal or because he has a screw loose and his invisible dog Sam told him to do it. I want that person to remain isolated from society until that person is too frail, broken or old to ever cause anymore destruction in our law abiding society. Stop letting nuts out of the nuthouse. Do not let crazy people immigrate into our country. While we are at it, I think it is high time that we take a serious look where those young people for the last 30 years or so that you note in your comment were indoctrinated with anti-family, Marxist, by any means necessary values and behavioral patterns that are so destructive to not just society but western civilization itself. --Mass Shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH -- -RETRIEVED-Mon Aug 05 2019 05:29:01 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)