The internet superhero who will draw and make you happy! But is it a raccoon or a cat
Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.
I write the hit indie comic book Nyobi
Comedian / Kick Boxing Champion / Sounding Enthusiast / Meth Addict/GG Allin Cosplayer
howdy y’all Jesse hunter here ! you can call me Jess or Jest if you’d like . I’m a comic savant and Movie maniac . you’ve been warned
Level 23, ♈, artist/writer of Obscura, ruler of Adorkalips, gamer, ❤ comics, books, music, D&D, Dog owner, #TeamComics
Zac T. Garmon ✝️ Max Yeehaw Comics | VA Hot Blooded and Clueless The Tomboy Guy Creator of Unbreakable Iron Ranger, Igniter Robo and To Woo a Witch
I'm an upstart iconoclast who just wants to post art and support the art of others. I like drawing and learning and trying to learn how to be a better storyteller. I'm into Stargate SG-1 and superhero comics mostly with a dash of modern fantasy.
Gamer, Centrist, tired of all the Twitter Purists and their shit.
May 2020
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