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Ancient Greek, Persian and Roman history blog account Will be posting history blogs about the ancient world regularly, from the earliest Greek civilization all the way up to the fall of Rome, and perhaps beyond. Stay tuned!

Photographs aren't mine unless otherwise stated. All the images I use are in the Public Domain and are not restricted by Copyright. // All my posts run on a queue, which means there may be times where I'm posting but not actually online. I'm not ignoring you! I'm probably just asleep lol

With privacy, we need comedy! I'm Mantega, a circus artist and surfer living in one of the smallest countries of Africa, Cape Verde. I was born in Brazil, with the mission to make the world laugh, and lived many years like an analogical nomad. In 2020 I start my journey as a digital nomad, sharing my humor and ideas in the internet. This year (2020) has been quite difficult, with almost 100% of all my Circus gigs cancelled, so if you like my content, it would be awesome to leave some tips!

Hi, I'm Giuliana 🦊🍵 ✺ pattern and print designer ✺ ✺ nature inspired illustrator ✺ ✺ mystically ordinary lady ✺ I create to ease into the God-given world of awe and wonder. Inspired by folk tales, myths, astrology, religion, my love of agriculture, and general good wisdom and common sense, I dream up images for you to get lost in, and maybe found in as well. My main medium is digital art, but anything creative tickles my fancy (especially weaving and ceramics). All artwork I post is original. Please ask to use any images for personal or business purposes. Custom requests are also welcome. Enjoy! /// Visual Arts Critique Room: Writers' Critique Room:

I love my parents and siblings 💖💖💖

New York, United States
Jan 2021
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