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Sesekali meniru dirimu untuk terus maju adalah diriku

#OracleReadings Is what I do! I am an Intuitive Empath with Clairsentient, and Claircognizant abilities. #FreeMiniReadings #Astrology #Numerology #BirthCharts #TeaLeafReadings .

There are many items of interest on this Feed. Audio Books,Movies,Prayers,Health advice,News,Music,Word Definitions and much more.Why did David take five stones to fight Goliath? Goliath had four brothers. Always go prepared and keep learning and asking questions. You are needed and wanted for the Present and Future! Started a Movies! Group,check groups page! Thanks! "Learning more and more. Loads the head like a gun." Quote from @kibls poem! "It sucks to see a daydream evaporate into a waste of Time". 123ProverbMonkey Have our Dimensions been stolen from us? Something to think about. @123ProverbMonkey "When you only have one Teacher,you learn everything they teach,including their weaknesses.Better you learn from many teachers." @123ProverbMonkey "Electricity is called power, power lead, power outlet, power outage... Vatican + London + Washington DC = The elect-tri-city... (DC = direct current?)" Something to think about. #words #truth #electronic #quotes #Minds

Mike Hopkins
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I am an older gentleman now in retirement. I have paid my dues to the thieves in suits and hope that I can survive my remaining years while retaining whatever human(e)ity I have left. I don't take vaccines or meds and have not seen a Doctor in over 20 years and surprise, surprise, I am still very much alive and kicking.

Rebel for LOVE Cat @tomtomandt
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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance - Thomas Jefferson Can you see?* (Find out why I ask below) Banner art by @Rushofwaves, with gratitude. Avatar art by @ChrisDoogood, with many thanks! I am a follower of the Way, and I love Jesus! I overcame a childhood of severe abuse by leaning on my faith. When I pray I address God as Abba, my Father, because I envisioned Him when I was young holding me and rocking me in His heavenly rocking chair. I taught Sunday School for many years. I'm single (for good) and I live with my grandson and my son (he's uncle to my grandson.) I home school my grandson, who is on the autism spectrum. I live with chronic pain from many health issues but I love life! I love to cook and I get lots of pleasure watching the ruby throated hummingbirds that visit every year. Want to know more about me? About my friend @bobdub? We have some chats we've made into videos (and podcasts too) Show #1 Show #2 Show #3 Show #4 Show #5 with guest @ChrisDoogood Show #6 with guest @Rushofwaves Show #7 with guest @Aragmar Show #8 with returning guest @Aragmar and @authenticantiquearms, who is quite an interesting young man. Both are such wonderful friends to @bobdub and me. Show #9 with guest @kerasimeonov, one of our favorite encouragers! Show #10 with guest @robertvandusen Halloween Special (#11) with guests @Aragmar, @BadassRho, @KirkpattieCake, @robertvandusen @ChrisDooGood Show #12 with guest @Richard Goode Show #13 with returning guest @Aragmar and @BadassRho, both of them are writers and long time friends Show #14 with @VJMPublishing and guest host @ChrisDoogood Thanksgiving Special (#15) with @ChrisDoogood, @KirkpattieCake, @P4nth30n and @robertvandusen Show #16 with bobdub's art and movement therapist, Dion Davies Show #17 with bobdub's son Jesse on videogaming *A lot of people think they can, but there is a different level of sight, an awareness of being that removes the veils from your eyes.


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