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Art of Silence
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All kind of art, to make the day more motivational for you.

Be proud of who you are. Simply like, subscribe and remind as i do so to yours 😊

I am a simple and cool guy| A chess lover| l love nature, photography| just Living my dreams, I may not be where I want to be, but each day I get closer. Please Subscribe, Like, and comment on my posts and i will do same.

I love swimming] sports] everything fun] i also post educative memes. please subscribe to my channel and i will do same.

Medical Doctor, Philanthropist, book worm lol... loves Quotes, Memes, Journaling and More

I am a Mechanical Engineering, an artist and I am currently learning how to code using python. Not all the contents you find on my channel belong to me. My posts may share contrary views to that held by you but it's normal giving how heterogeneous we are - opinions, beliefs ,views etc are also bound to be. I have no faith in any government. As far as I am concerned, it is run by politicians who will always put their personal interests ahead of the well-being of the masses. My channel will be a reflection of my personal life. I will post art works some of which will be mine. I am a football lover so expect a lot of football updates from my channel. Also expect a lot of humorous content from me - I love jokes. I will also be accepting offers to make commissioned portraits for interested persons here on the platform.

Nov 2021
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