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Information on How National Security Can Be Used to Protect Criminals

MurrayEmilylh7Dec 1, 2019, 4:00:20 PM

For the state to remain stable, then there needs to be national security. Usually, national security is upheld in various ways or methods including the use of diplomacy, economic power, political power and also power projection. For every government, there is usually a security council that is tasked with maintenance of national security. Apart from this body coordinating all the policies on national security matters, it is also tasked with advising top government officials on all the things related to national security. There are different threats to national security and they range from espionage, terrorism, weapon proliferation and also cyber-terrorism. Read more  great  facts on  dark journalist,  click here.

There are times when governments or state do not want to cause more problems when they are in line of maintaining national security. One of the major instances when this is done is when dealing with criminal gangs. There are those gangs that are more dangerous and when the state decides to pursue them, they will be attracting more problems. While the government is the one that has unlimited access to information about these criminal gangs, there are also those journalists that follow up on these cases. Usually, they want to find out what the motive of these gangs is and if possible, expose them so that they cannot cause havoc to the country.

A detective who has followed up on a case for a long time makes them to understand the criminals, and with such knowledge they know how they can dismantle the gang. “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein is a detective who has been on such cases for an extended period and through this period, he has had his share of successes. Some of the success stories include managing to linking more human traffickers to the authorities in the United States. However, there has been only one instance when the authorities agreed to apprehend the criminals. For more useful reference regarding  anna von reitz, have a peek here.

As the detective puts it, there are those instances when he was shut down by the authorities. The main reason that was provided by the authorities is that they were maintaining national security. Sarah Westall continues to highlight some of the big issues and things that are done by the state all in the interest of promoting national security. You can follow her through her social media platforms and also website. If you want to stay informed on latest innovations, disruptions and the big issues, then you can sign up for her newsletter.  Please  view this site  https://www.chron.com/news/  for further details.