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"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers. There are many places to go beyond belief. Those challenges are yours--in many fields, not the least of which is space, because there lies human destiny." ~ Neil Armstrong
Won't post opinions that I'm not willing to defend.
Aegis Services is one of the Qatar’s leading ‘total solutions’ provider and have adopted a simple “you choose us-we consult- you get certified” approach with effective and no nonsense route to ISO certification and have been established since November 2012. By ensuring we understand your organization, the way you are structured and the current systems in place, we keep your business and its success at the forefront of our minds at all times.
Chicken salad everyday keeps the doctor away Sovereignty Free Speech Advocate Outdoors Lover Nature heals... you don't need pharmaceuticals Firm believer that common sense is lacking in today's world Wannabe physicist Backyard Cosmologist Still searching for the wormhole
Software engineer. Blogger. Gamer. Podcaster. Subscribe if you want to enjoy some memes with a splash of opinions and gaming occasionally interjected by some tech blog posts. Sometimes recycling memes from the past but this place made me create my own again. Thank you for that. Gaming on Rumble: Podcast on Rumble: Tech blog: Podcast: Nothing to see here:
31 years old, married mother of one, living in North-West England. I write under #gmstories and I have a substack: Likes: reading, writing, walks, the outdoors, comedy. Dislikes: authoritarianism, the woke erasure of reality, kids being told they've been "born in the wrong body", English people who say "y'all".
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Jan 2021
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